Hi There, I'm Rose

Did you ever think there must be something else? What would happen if you take all your courage and start all over again? 


But I do it anyway!

Some might think I´m some sort of crazy...

I did for the last six years. Unbelievable! Six years I was thinking and asking myself if it is too late to study again. Is it realistic to consider a subject that is entirely different to what I studied before? I studied Industrial engineering by the way. I spend hours questioning my future roll in worklife and put it all off again because I was caught up in the daily life raising those three little humans.

And now honestly I have no idea how that is all going to work out, but I just realized that family life wouldn't get any easier the next five or even ten years. So why wait? 

I would love to tell you that I am the person, who can show you how to set goals and how to achieve them. 

But in fact, I am the perfect example of an ”I would love to, but...” person. I'm not a picture perfect Instagram mom, who tackles all her daily problems with a smile and a cherry on top. That doesn't mean I wouldn't love to ( haha) be the organized minimalist, the crafty mom, who doesn't care when the floor is covered in paint and homemade slime, the perfect vegan cook, and loving wife. But I want to stay as real as possible here!

Some sort of crazy is the place where I share my honest experiences towards getting a degree in psychology and make a significant change in my future work life while raising three little kids. 

You probably won't see nicely arranged pens and wonderfully designed bullet journals. Sorry! Who has time for that?

But I will talk about all the things around studying as a mature student ( well that sounds strange), the difficulties to get your life arranged around the schedules and deadlines, keeping your family happy and when there is some time left how to stay sane within all of that.

Why I'm making that all public? Well, that's easy! First, because I know, I'm likely to mess up with this project if I don't make myself accountable, and second I hope that I can maybe spark some inspiration for all the ”I would love to” mom's to put yourself together and do it anyway.

It´s going to be a lot of hard work! So thank you so much for joining and supporting me on this journey!